Monday, September 27, 2010

Patience... a virtue.  I have now been in San Antonio for exactly a month and can still not move in to my new house.

In my previous blog, I noted that speed is one of the major differences between New York City and San Antonio.  We've hired people to repaint our interior and refloor our home, and they're still working on it.  We were told everything would be done by Friday and then planned the big migration from Mom and Dad's house (all my stuff from NYC has been occupying their garage...they're angels!) to my new abode.  Not so.  Now, we're shooting for this coming weekend.  HOPEFULLY, everything will be done then and the transition will be smooth.  What's a week, anyway?

I do have access to the pool, which I can enjoy any time regardless of painters and floorers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Differences between the Empire State and the Lone Star State...part one

I've been in San Antonio for about a month now.  And I've noticed a sea change of differences between the crowded city streets of NYC and the wide open spaces of San Antonio.

1.  The Shoes!  Now, I know Carrie Bradshaw made teetering around New York's busy streets famous in Sex and the City, but I never wore anything on my feet that I couldn't walk in comfortably for at least a mile.  New York City is a pedestrian city and San Antonio is a huge SUV city.  And these Texan ladies can let their pretty little feet luxuriate in fabulous four inch peep toes without breaking a sweat.  I have adopted this trend as my own and am happily rescuing some of my favorite stillettos from where they were gathering dust.

2.  The Jewelry!  I never wore too much jewelry in New York City.  Mostly because I worked in theatre and I would have to promptly remove anything I wore and place it on my dressing room table.  And having once had my wallet stolen from said dressing room, I stopped bringing anything of value to work.  Plus, wearing anything blingy on the subway is probably not the best of ideas.  You always want to avoid any attention grabbing behavior in such places unless, of course, you are proclaiming your newfound love of Jesus Christ to commuters.  My realtor has set the bar for the Texan ladies and their bling.  I swear she has a rock the size of Dallas on her left hand.

3.  The speed.  Except for when they're behind the wheels of their gigantic SUVs, the Texans I've encountered like to take their time.  Such a difference from the hustle and bustle of New York City.  It  took me a while to adjust.  My first day at Bikram Yoga San Antonio, it took about 20 minutes to check in, and only two people were in front of me in line.  I guess of all places for me to be indoctrinated into the pace of the city, Bikram Yoga is probably the best.

4.  The prices.  Everything here seems to be exactly half the price of what I paid for it in New York.  When I see Amy's Organic frozen dinners for $3, I can't help but leap for joy.

Stay tuned for more revelations from the Lone Star State.  Until next time, I'll see y'all around the bend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Eight Pound Transition

That's how much I've gained since I moved from NYC to Texas.

Eek!  I'm quickly become a walking stereotype of the great Lone Star State.  But it's only transitional weight, I've assured myself.  I haven't been able to do a consistent Bikram class, I've feasted on amazing Tex Mex food and I've gone from walking everywhere to tooling around town in my new car.

It's been worth every pound.

I got the chance to revisit my old home town in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to sing at a fundraiser for the theatre program in the new high school auditorium, a 1,000-plus seat behemoth that far outsizes most theaters I've played in New York City.

Even though it's been about 18 years since I sang and danced in high school productions, returning home showed me that although buildings may change, the people never do.  I picked right up where I left off with friends who I haven't seen for that long.  We laughed at the same jokes we did back then, only now, the jokes were peppered with a lot more adult references and cursing.  Or were they?

I've also become a driver once again.  After 12 years of my on and off again affair with New York City, I find myself behind the wheel of a red Chrysler Seabring convertible again.  It's just like riding a bike...

And back to those pounds...

I found that when I stopped trying to lose weight and focused instead on changing my attitude and behavior through Bikram yoga and my vegan lifestyle, the pounds flew off.  I found a kind of inner peace and contentment that this transition has muddled up a bit.  We close on the house next week.  Let's hope I get back to my center.  Ohm.