Tuesday, September 06, 2011

And it begins again...day one of the 30 day challenge

Autumn is a season of change.  The leaves are changing, the weather is changing.  My life has changed dramatically in the past several months since I moved back to Wisconsin...I dare say all for the better.

What better time than now to begin a 30 day hot yoga challenge?

The Dragonfly Flow classes offered at my current studio, Dragonfly Hot Yoga are quite amazing.  The teachers are uplifting, inspiring, and have also become good friends of mine.  Yoga class is not so much a fitness regime as a social hour of sorts.  So getting to class each day for the next 30 days will not be the challenge.

The challenge will be getting in one class a day in between my duties as a studio manager and in between teaching three classes a day.  A worthy challenge, yes, but I know I can do it.

I starting teasing our clients about this challenge on Friday, September 2 and immediately, several fierce yoginis wanted to begin that day.  By doing several classes a day over the Labor Day weekend, a few of them are a week into the challenge already!  Rock stars.

I know I will have encouragement, I know I will have inspiration.  I know I will have strength and stamina.  And I know that my world will change once again immensely...I dare say for the better.


Journey to Financial Freedom said...

We can do it! As long as you stand by the board and do your "trumpet fanfare" when handing out stickers, we will all stay encouraged and uplifted! Thanks for being you!

Natalie said...

Aw, thank you! I'm glad you like the fanfare!

Leslie said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring! I am so glad I found Dragonfly--it was the missing piece of my life :)