Friday, September 16, 2011

Class Number Nine-Grow Your Roots, You Will Rise

I take yoga class to sweat, to tone my body, sure.  But I also have noticed that through continual yoga practice over the years, my mind is becoming more in shape as well.

Ruthie's classes lately have become amazing self realization hours.  It seems as if she always says something in class that directly corresponds with what I'm feeling at that precise moment and exactly what I need to hear.

She spoke about the native prairie plant whose roots grow as long, if not longer than their growth above ground.  She was speaking in relation to our balancing poses; growing our own roots so we could then rise and grow.

But of course, this idea can be taken off the mat as well.  It reminded me of Chapter Four, verse 41 and 42 of the Bhagavad Gita:

"Those established in the Self have renounced selfish attachments to their actions and cut through doubts with spiritual wisdom.  They act in freedom.  Arjuna, cut through this doubt in your own heart with the sword of spiritual wisdom.  Arise; take up the path of yoga!"

I have moved around a lot.  I have shifted when things have become uncomfortable.  I have left when I might have stayed.  I will now grow my roots in my heart, in my community, in my relationships.  I will rise.

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