Monday, August 22, 2011

Broadway Flow!

At Dragonfly Hot Yoga I teach the Fire and Yin classes.

On occasion I am called upon to teach a Flow class, which can be a bit of a challenge to me.  My training is in Integrative Yoga Therapy and while yes, I did learn the postures of a standard Flow class, I didn't exactly learn the Flow part, per se.

After doing fairly well subbing for a few of our Flow teachers here, I decided to amp it up a bit, with a suggestion by our owner Megan, to create a Broadway Flow class.

Calling in my past experience as a singer/dancer in Broadway tours and productions around the world, I have put together a play list of show tunes, complete with a Rockette-style ab work-out.

I have asked students to sing along even if we don't know the words.  We have all found out that it's much easier to get through a tough work out if you sing out and give yourself jazz hands and a round of applause at the end.

When is the next Broadway-themed Flow class?  I'll keep you posted.  Until then, keep it easy like Easy Street...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bird of Paradise

Sometimes all you need is a good yoga class.

And sometimes within that yoga class, all you need is a really empowering pose to lift your spirits.

My new favorite pose is Bird of Paradise, a pose I just recently learned and am making headway on.

The lovely Amber said in class yesterday (I'm paraphrasing), sometimes overcoming fear is just learning to be still, silent, and trusting yourself, listening to your own body.

I love that when my mind is racing, I always have my yoga mat to come back to.  I can still my mind and focus on the class, one posture at a time.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Life as a Yoga Teacher

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Now, some would question the wisdom of my career choices; actress, journalist, travel writer, yoga teacher.

Ummm...don't you want to make some actual money someday?

But what good is money if you don't enjoy what you do?  I'll raise you...if you don't LOVE what you do.

How I've been lucky is that I get to do what I love and get paid for it.  I've always tried to set myself that way and for the most part I've been successful.

Sure I can't afford to eat at high end restaurants, go on lavish shopping sprees, or live a life of spa-like luxury.  I am a worker bee and I work damn hard, but I love every second of it.

My current adventures have taken me back to my home town of Madison, Wisconsin to work at the luminous new hot yoga studio, Dragonfly Hot Yoga.   I have students who love me.  I love my students. I get strength and encouragement from watching my students' growth and I have daily chances to express myself creatively.

What's money worth when you have this kind of daily injection of joy?